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    Contributed by reunion classes

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Coming Together: Reunion Giving

Enthusiastic volunteers and generous donors energized their Yale College classmates throughout the 2017­­–2018 year, culminating in two successful reunion weekends for the 3s and 8s.

The Class of 1993, celebrating its 25th Reunion, achieved a remarkable 84 percent giving participation. Their success was bolstered by the dedication of class volunteers, including three classmates who came forward with reunion giving challenges.

In honor of its landmark 50th Reunion, the Class of 1968 raised more than $88 million—securing 4th place among Yale College 50th Reunion classes. In addition, they broke the record for highest attendance for a 50th Reunion.

The Class of 2008 came together to contribute more than $1.2 million, a strong performance for a 10th Reunion class, earning them a spot in the top ten.

Making Yale history, 298 members of the Class of 1948 came back for the first-ever 70th Reunion. Classmates, many of whom had served in World War II, toured campus, reminisced about their time in New Haven, and reflected on the impact Yale has had on their lives. 

Outstanding Yale College class fundraising performance

Five classes achieved top-ten fundraising results for their respective reunion years. 

1953 – 65th Reunion: 9th place

1968 – 50th Reunion: 4th place

1978 – 40th Reunion: 2nd place

1988 – 30th Reunion: 9th place

2008 – 10th Reunion: 5th place

Yale College reunion class performance 2017–2018


$16,736,513; Participation: 67%
Reunion Gift Chair: Paul Gignilliat


14,278,763; Participation: 63%
Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: Sherman Bull, Charles Palmer, David Waterbury


$14,253,271; Participation: 64%
Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: Frederick Hanser, William Kramer


$88,322,222; Participation: 57%
Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: C.E. Thomas Cleveland, Edgar Cullman, Andrew Goodman, Jack Weiss
Reunion Gift Honorary Co-Chairs: Roland Betts, Douglas Warner
In Memoriam: Stephen Gates


$6,445,499; Participation: 44%
Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: John Ettinger, Eve Hart Rice, Stephen Hendel
Reunion Gift Vice Chairs: Alexander Cutler, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Rory Millson, Joan O’Meara Winant


$49,456,180; Participation: 41%
Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: Melanie Ginter, Marc Mayer, William Reid


$11,300,331; Participation: 43%
Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: George Montgomery, Thomas Naratil, Wendy Naratil


$17,307,641; Participation: 42%
Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: Andrew Lipsher, Margaret Stratton Norman


$13,242,308; Participation: 84%
Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: Jay Horgen, Julie Turaj, Andrew Walker


$3,357,093; Participation: 41%
Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: Gregg Brody, Vincent Ferraro, Rachel Goulding, Matthew Kirsch, Albert Ko, Jessica Jewell Ogilvie


$1,504,650; Participation: 36%
Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: Elyssa Friedland, Evan LePatner, David Mount, Jessica Weiss


$1,225,794; Participation: 39%
Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: Benjamin Cooke, Regina Krumholz, Matthew Magliocco, J. Sterling Thomas


$279,901; Participation: 47%
Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: Omar Njie, Kenneth Chan, Heather May, Annie Keating

*Reunion class within top-ten fundraising results

2018 Yale College reunion attendance records

A number of classes broke records in 2018 for the number of classmates attending reunion weekend, the percentage of classmates attending reunion weekend, and overall reunion attendance. 

Class of 2013 - 5th Reunion

  • Number of classmates – 732
  • Percentage of classmates – 60.3%

Class of 2008  -  10th Reunion

  • Percentage of classmates – 42.3%

Class of 1988 - 30th Reunion

  • Number of classmates – 398
  • Percentage of classmates – 31.3% (tied with 1985)

Class of 1978 – 40th Reunion

  • Number of classmates – 340

Class of 1968 – 50th Reunion

  • Total attendance – 826

Class of 1963 – 55th Reunion

  • Number of classmates – 298
  • Percentage of classmates – 38.7%
  • Total attendance – 535