Building Bridges

Mae Hsieh ’88 and Greg Bylinsky ’88

For Mae Hsieh ’88 and Greg Bylinsky ’88, giving to Yale is about building bridges. To commemorate their 30th Reunion, the couple established an endowed fund to support a diverse student body at Yale.

“When someone comes to Yale who never thought they would, it is not simply one person whose boundaries are changed forever. That person’s family’s and community’s boundaries are also stretched to incorporate a new reference point. Yale’s boundaries flex and grow as well. Through this process, bridges materialize where they had not been before, linking us by the people who bind us. We start to appreciate people we would not have otherwise understood,” said Hsieh.

In addition, the couple has given their time as members of the past three Reunion Gift Committees for their class. “Serving on our Reunion Gift Committee is meaningful,” said Hsieh, “because hopefully our efforts can encourage others to consider what they might find worthwhile supporting in connection with Yale.”